Thank you for your interest in Vanderburgh Homeless Connect.
Please mark your calendars for Vanderburgh Homeless Connect 2015 – March 19, 2015

Volunteer registration is now closed.
Volunteer Descriptions
Pre-event Outreach Volunteers:
Help with distribution of guest marketing materials to various sites two to three weeks prior to the event.
Greet Guests at event entrance; discuss services that will be provided; assist Guests with mobility issues; guide parents with children to childcare area; check for open intake spots
Main Floor Guides:
Assist Guests, once they have checked in, with finding services inside the exhibit hall; direct them to areas that are of interest to them
Vendor Assistant Volunteers:
Stationed near a specific area of services to assist Vendors as needed; responsible for signing in vendors in their assigned area, insuring that necessary paperwork is obtained, directing them on any necessary information.
Café Services Volunteers:
Serve plated lunches to Guests, Vendors, Volunteers seated at Café Connect tables; clear tables; fill drinks.
Exit/Check Out Volunteers:
Collect service provider guides from the front of the guest packet, complete exit surveys with guests, assist with connecting to transportation.
Intake Volunteers:
All guests go through the intake process. Intake consists of a few demographic questions on paper.
Registration is now closed.
Volunteers are required to attend one of two training sessions on Wednesday March 18th noon – 1:00 or 5:30 - 6:30 at The Old National Events Plaza (formerly The Centre), Exhibit Hall.
Event Day
Volunteers will arrive at the Exhibit Hall by 8 am on March 19th and report to the designated area assigned at training to check in.
T-Shirts will be provided to wear for the event and will be distributed at training. There will not be a designated area for coats and handbags, so please plan accordingly.
Lunch will be provided – volunteers will take a lunch break and get lunch from the volunteer line.
Doors will close at 2 pm and services will continue for guests in the Exhibit Hall until 3 pm. Volunteers are encouraged to aid service providers with tear down following the event.